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Project Description

No turning back. No way out. The Onyx Gate awaits …

Blaze Ramirez and the crew of the Lizzie Borden have never been closer to finding the location of the Onyx Gate and saving the universe. Only one problem: Blaze’s foster father is the only one who knows the location, and being the low-down dirty drunk he is, he doesn’t want to tell them squat.

To make matters worse, other ghosts from Blaze’s Astral Corps days have come calling, along with Nauzea—the archduchess of torture. This time, there’s no turning back, there’s no way out, and in the depths of an ocean of diabolical ectoplasm, Blaze will finally understand the true nature of the demons he’s spent his life destroying.

The endgame has come … The question is, what will Blaze have to sacrifice for total victory over the horrors of the Onyx Gate?

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The Galactic Demon Hunter Series

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