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Learn From The Best


The Creative Penn: A wonderful website run by successful author Joan Penn. Much of this site is dedicated to self-publishing, but there is also a large section dedicated to the art and craft of writing with good, practical advice.

Helping Writers Become Authors: A very helpful website loaded down with solid, practical writing advice on a host of different topics with a particular focus on the nuts and bolts of writing.

TerribleMinds: This blog, by speculative fiction author Chuck Wendig, is loaded with good writing advice, but a word of warning—Chuck uses very strong language and his posts are probably NSFW.

Writer Beware: Writer Beware is sponsored by a number of different professional organizations, including Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, the Horror Writers Association, and the Mystery Writers of America. According to their statement, “Writer Beware’s mission is to track, expose, and raise awareness of the prevalence of fraud and other questionable activities in and around the publishing industry.”

Queries, Agents, & Editors

AgentQuery: One of the largest searchable databases for literary agents, helping connect authors with agents.

Agent Query Connect: A social media platform allowing authors to connect, interact, and share information regarding agents, publishing, upcoming writing contests, and the querying process. This is an especially good place to get feedback and refine query letters.

Query Shark: Query Shark is a popular blog run by literary agent Janet Reid. She offers wonderful—though often biting—advice on query writing: what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Manuscript Wishlist: A searchable website dedicated to literary agents and acquisition editors, detailing what types of manuscripts they’re currently looking for.


Let’s Get Digital: How to Self Publish, And Why you Should: An award winning, bestselling e-book on the basics of Self-Publishing and why self-publishing is a worthwhile venture. Highly Recommended for any entrepreneurial indie-author.

Write. Publish. Repeat. (The No-Luck-Required Guide to Self-Publishing Success): A very helpful book discussing the basics of self-publishing and what it requires to succeed and make a living as an indie-author.

The Creative Penn: A wonderful website run by successful author Joan Penn, discussing the ins and outs of self-publishing, from formatting and cover design, to writing and marketing.

The Book Designer: Another great website about indie-publishing with articles and advice on every aspect of indie-book publishing.

Communities & Professional Organizations

Fantasy-Writers Community: A great place to ask questions and connect with other Fantasy writers working on fantasy or science-fiction related projects.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA)The professional organization for working fantasy and science fiction writers. This is a great community for published authors, which offers a wide variety of services for eligible members.

Horror Writers Association: The professional organization for working horror writer. This is a great community for published horror authors, which offers a wide variety of services for eligible members.

Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi): A global, nonprofit association for indie and self-published authors.